Personal coaching to end dieting for good

Free from calorie counting and portion control

I am Natasha Hodge

Are you sick of dieting? I was.

Please allow me to help you to change the way you eat. To lose weight and get your health in balance by choosing foods that your body evolved to thrive on.

Would you like to throw out your weighing scales and health issues for good with me and The Four F Food Plan?

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Why choose the Four F Food Plan?

What makes this plan work? Well, it works on the premise that your body does not want or need processed food. Nor does it need to be fuelled 24/7. You just need full fat nutrient dense food.

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The plan includes intermittant fasting

Your body evolved to go long periods without food. The plan incorporates the natural rhythm for the best time to eat and when to use optimal energy as fuel. Making you less hungry and full on life instead.

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The plan includes full fat foods

The low fat nonsense of the past 75 years has contributed to chronic illness and weight gain. Stable natural fats not only fill you up, they nourish and service all your cells. Prepare to unlearn dogma.

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The plan rids you of fake food

Your body is constantly trying to keep you in balance. It requires specific nutrients. By eating man-made chemically altered fake food the balance is upset and leads to poor health.

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