before and after weight loss pictures of natasha

Me at ages 19 and 47 years

My story

I’ve always loved food. I cooked from an early age and went on to run a food business. I used to own a café, selling lots of cakes and savouries.

Aged 42 and fed up (excuse the pun), my chronic eczema and lifetime struggle with weight loss lead me on a quest to find a solution to my health problems that didn’t call for the same old restrictive diet advice that I’d always followed in the past and couldn’t sustain. I started to suspect that there was a link that had occurred during my lifetime between our eating habits having drastically changed and the explosion of morbid obesity and chronic illness everywhere. Once I started to question and find the answers, I was shocked to discover that all the guidelines I had been following, i.e. eating low fat and wholegrain foods, widely accepted as fact, are just plain wrong.

I studied nutrition to understand how our bodies work. Through thorough research and study, I had to overwrite conventional dietary guidelines, which turned out to have very shaky science foundations, but are presented to us as fact. I backed up my well researched arguments that challenged the course material and put what I learned to the test on myself. I achieved a diploma with distinction. And I was able to throw out the weighing scales I had been a slave to all my life. And I waved bye bye to a lifetime of eczema.

To put my diploma to good use, Wide Eyed Nutrition is the result.

You need to know that conventional advice goes against your biology and almost everything that goes wrong with the human body is down to high insulin levels.

Conventional advice such as:

-Eat less, move more

-Eat low fat and avoid saturated fats

-Eat little and often

-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

-You need carbohydrates for energy

-Red meat is bad for you

Using my cookery skills accumulated over a lifetime and from being in business I’ve pretty much done the opposite of the conventional advice, whilst creating recipes that include all my old favourites but with ingredients that my body recognises and can utilise so that I get the best out of it. 

Since 2014 I have helped numerous clients achieve their health goals using The Four F Plan.

I’m on a mission to help you to understand that good health has nothing to do with denial and everything to do with choice. Out with low fat, and in with full fat tasty nutrient dense food that you have evolved to eat.

Can I help you too? Let’s get rid of sugar together.

I was following conventional dietary advice that never worked long term

It took me 42 years to work out that what I ate affected my weight, skin, mental health and everything. No wonder, when I was filling myself with fake food!

So easy, a teenager can do it!

My son Jacob's 5 stone weight loss

One of my proudest achievements was helping my son. The picture on the left is Jacob taken in 2017. He was aged 17 and weighing 17 stones, (238lbs). The picture on the right is a year later. He’s the same size to this day.

What are you waiting for?

Isn’t it time to start your health journey to a body that will carry you through a life filled with health and vitality?