The key to a long life is whether we eat the right food.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. And I’m here to tell you that you can literally treat yourself when it comes to your health.

Treat in all senses of the word. Food bursting with flavour, fat and deliciousness.

There is a ‘but’ though. ‘Of course there is’ you cry! The but is, whilst we are waiting for the food industry to catch up with the return to how we used to eat, and they figure out a way of making money out of it, we have to change the ingredients ourselves.

Do you want to live a long, illness free life? Then allow me to show you the way.

Meat eater or vegetarian, you can eat nice things and live an illness free life.

All this food is gluten and fructose free, uses ingredients you can get in the supermarket or high street, and tastes fantastic. So go on, treat yourself!

Here are some frequently asked questions:


  1. Can I only eat the food set each day? No, you can swap any of the foods to times that suit you, have the same meal twice, or change which days you have the meals, the plan is just a guide. As long as you stick to the guidelines for that week.


  1. Will I have any adverse effects? With the withdrawal from sugar you may experience headaches for the first few days. There might also be cravings for sugar which can be alleviated by making one of the sweet recipes.


  1. Is the plan suitable for vegetarians? You need to choose the vegetarian plan. There is also a dairy free vegetarian plan option.


  1. Are there any contraindications with the medicines I currently take? The food plans are advice only. You must speak to your doctor or consultant if you are currently taking medication or being treated in hospital. The plans are designed to help recovery from illness and to improve health benefits.


  1. Will I feel hungry all the time? The aim is to not feel hungry at all. Thirst can be misconstrued as hunger. All the food should be satisfying, so eat things that you like and eat them when you want to. This is not a diet, it is a way of eating for the rest of your life.


  1. Can I have artificial sweeteners? No. Research shows that the body still reacts to sweeteners in the same way it does sugar, leading to cravings and hunger. As we are trying to cut out sugar and eat in a clean way, these chemicals have no place in the plan.


  1. What can I replace dairy with if I’m lactose intolerant? If you are lactose intolerant and eat meat and fish choose The Dairy Free plan. There is a Dairy Free Vegetarian plan and most of the recipes on the website linked to the plan have dairy free alternatives.


  1. Can I buy ready meals and supermarket products? Check the labels for wheat, sugar and artificial additives. It is usually quicker, healthier and tastier to cook up something than labour over labels! Real food makes you feel real good!


  1. What if I’m a fussy eater? This can be a problem as variety is key to the success of the plan. It’s never too late to overcome this hurdle. Push yourself to approach food in a different way. Cook a food that you like normally in a different way and expand your repertoire, your body will thank you for it.


  1. Will my bowels be affected? Changing what and how you eat may well change the behaviour of your bowels. This should correct itself. Drink plenty of water and eat as many vegetables as the other elements on your plate and you should find that your bowels will be more regular and thorough than before.


  1. Is there an age limit on the plan? No. It’s never too late or too early to change the way you eat for the better. Our bodies are renewing themselves throughout our lives and so eating for health is important at any age.


  1. I suffer from IBS, will the plan effect it? No. This plan is aimed at becoming gluten free through choice. Gluten is probably the number one cause of digestive problems as well as many other health problems. You should find that IBS is no longer an issue if the plan is followed correctly.


Just a few examples of great tasting food included in the plans:


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