I'll be your personal coach during your food transition

Its all about the food. Eating in a smaller time-frame to keep your blood glucose even, allowing your body time to repair and rebuild. Delicious full fat food that keeps you from being hungry all the time and gives you more energy.

Step One

Download the 28 day plan. This includes the plan booklet with background information as to why you need to change the way you eat and how the plan works with your natural rhythm. With step-by-step daily food lists and recipe links to taper your sugar consumption.

the four f plan logo with leaf on a spoon also saying free from fake food low carb coaching with Natasha Hodge

Step Two

This is what makes the plan different. I am here to coach you. Five individual one hour video calls plus you can email or message me with your questions, if you have any. We will address any issues and I will give you strategies to make your transition straight forward. You are not alone.

Step Three

Continue your new way of eating for a longer life. The brilliant thing is that you only have to learn how to do it once, unlike a diet your lifestyle will change forever. 

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